Under Construction

Hello, I'm Jenny, and I am a perfectionist. I am letting you know this off the bat because today I am giving in, or perhaps stepping out. I am giving a shove to my OCD, taking a deep breath, and POSTING a blog. Go ahead and laugh, but you have no idea how long I have had this account. You have no idea how many posts are saved on my computer waiting for the perfect layout. The number of ideas and questions running through my head is baffling. I am no longer waiting until it is the time is right, my profile is perfect, or debating on what to share and what not to share. So bear with me, I am under construction, and being a perfectionist, I probably always will be. Grab your hard hat and watch for caution tape, this blog is being posted.


Amy B said...

Woo Hoo...Now I can stalk you here, there and everywhere. Scary huh? LOL

I know what you mean about wanting it to be perfect. But ya know what..it is about life ..and that is never perfect..ya know? Of course you know..

So take down the under construction tape and get blogging..

Hugs my friend.

Grace said...

Loved seeing you on my blog tonight. Glad I could come here and find that you started yours! Out of your comfort zone... no OCD allowed here... LOL

But... I think you are wrong here... I see nothing but perfect... just like God says you are... and I agree with him.

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