My Pot Boils Over

No, I didn't just fall off the face of the internet. I have, however, been ignoring my blog. Well, let's face it, I've been ignoring me. I have this nasty little habit of throwing my desires, my needs, my health on the back burner. That is until my simmering pot is boiling over onto the entire stove. Then I have no choice but to reluctantly turn my attention back to myself and try to clean up the mess.

In June, my little world was turned upside down and then inside out. I saw the end of a an extremely complicated, two and a half year relationship. Just days later I found out I had a metastatic brain tumor. So, I've spent the summer in shock, in crisis mode, grieving, picking up the pieces, and figuring how to go on from here. Most importantly, I'm learning what it means to take care of myself.


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Southern NJ, United States
I like to play mini golf in evening wear. Why, because the only thing more ridiculous than putting a brightly colored ball into a pink hippo’s mouth is to do it in a cocktail dress – wearing flip flops of course. I am an artist at heart and it isn’t unusual to occasionally find me with paint in my hair or charcoal on my face. I love a good conversation, talk with me for hours, share you view of the world with me. I have a hard time thinking of something I value more than the time spent getting to know someone. I am battling ovarian cancer, and I became involved with an organization called Spirit Jump ( Other causes I am involved with include RAINN, To Write Love on Her Arms, NAMI, and The True Campaign.